Fuel Monitoring and control

Edge Telematics offers a comprehensive fuel monitoring solution.
Fuel remains the single highest expense in terms of fleet running costs, and with the ever-increasing cost of fuel, it is becoming more important to manage and control fuel usage and prevent theft.

What do we have to offer?

• Fuel filler security - anti-theft strainer that will block access to the fuel tank while not obstructing the fuel flow when refuelling as well as report the lock/unlock state reading via a digital input
• Fuel Level Sensor – accurate in tank fuel level sensor to measure and report the fuel level
• CANBUS – Fuel level and consumption via the vehicles on-board computer (CANbus)


• Control – See where, when and how much fuel was filled (or drained)
• Theft Detection – Get live notifications of when fuel is drained
• Reports – detailed fuel level and fuel consumption reports



Monitor fuel level and detect fuel thefts
with fuel monitoring and control system.

Ensure that the tank is filled with all the purchased fuel. Rate drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption and set fuel consumption rates for vehicles.
Fuel module helps to identify fuel theft events – sudden fuel level drops in the fuel consumption graphic shows possible fuel theft event.
See the total amount of fuel
consumed, fuel level at the beginning and the end of the trip, average fuel consumption, refueling, fuel draining events, and more. Get instant notifications on fuel draining events via SMS, email, or in-system.
Tracking device collects fuel level and consumtion data from vehicle on-board computer (CANbus) or from a fuel level sensor, which is installed into the fuel tank.

Fuel level sensor

The fuel level sensor (FLS) developed and manufactured by Edge Fuel Management Solution for fuel management – monitoring fuel level, fuel consumption and preventing fuel theft.

Advanced electronics, solid construction and easy installation makes Edge Fuel Management Solution fuel level sensor perfect for all fuel monitoring and control tasks.
Edge fuel level sensor is available in standard and advanced versions, and the same sensor probe can be used with different heads - ECO and PRO.

Key features

• Digital measurement
• IP68 certified
• Galvanic isolation
• Wet calibration
• Inclinometer
• Optional 24/7 Monitoring


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