5 Benefits of GPS Tracking

5 Benefits of GPS Tracking

Transportation technology has added great value to many businesses in the transport industry. GPS fleet tracking is a multi-faceted concept that has more benefits than you may think.

Improved Safety
Driver safety is of utmost importance, which is why you need to ensure that your vehicles are well-maintained and that your drivers are following safe driving practices. Most fleet tracking systems include digital maintenance programs which provide digital alerts based on odometer readings or scheduled maintenance. Some trackers have built-in accelerometers which send alerts when poor driving behavior is detected.

Minimized Fuel Costs
One of the largest costs endured by transportation companies is the cost of fuel. With tracking, fleet owners can see how their vehicles are being operated and therefore reduce fuel spending by ensuring that their drivers are taking the most direct routes. By having access to route planning and various dispatching tools, you and your team can make sure that they are assigning jobs to the nearest and most convenient vehicles as well as traveling on the most efficient routes to limit fuel use.

Lower Operational Costs
With all the information and data provided by tracking, businesses can make more informed decisions and therefore reduce their operational costs. You can quickly identify issues and find solutions. This will save costs that would have been used if the issue existed for longer. Tracking aids in digitizing processes so that businesses have a more streamlined flow of information and can allow their teams to focus on the job at hand.

Increased Productivity
If you increase business productivity, you ultimately save on time and money. GPS fleet tracking systems are used to control the amount of time which is spent on different job sites or loading bays which will encourage drivers to be more productive. As previously mentioned, digitizing processes is another way in which productivity is achieved.

Theft Recovery
Vehicle recovery is one of the most valuable features of tracking. This allows you to easily find the location of your vehicles and quickly identify unusual activity. Instant alerts can be used to track when a vehicle is outside of its designated area and can assist authorities in recovering the vehicle.

These are all valid reasons to invest in tracking systems if your business is not currently making use of this feature.

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