The 4 Biggest Fleet Management Trends To Look Out For In 2023

The 4 Biggest Fleet Management Trends To Look Out For In 2023

The fleet management market is expected to grow significantly between 2023 and 2027. This specific industry has continued to evolve over the years and especially post-Covid19, as companies have learnt to embrace new digital shifts and tried to adapt their products and services to reflect these shifts when it comes to the management of their staff and their fleets.

There are 4 fleet management trends that are going to make an appearance in 2023:

Increased Usage of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles
The use of electric vehicles is predicted to grow tremendously in 2023 to enhance communication via effective data sharing as well as advanced fleet software. It is also said that there will be growth in the global zero-emission truck market over the next decade. Fleet management software, in particular, will play an important part in assisting companies with achieving their sustainability goals, while the industry moves away from diesel-powered vehicles and starts to make a bigger shift towards favouring electric and autonomous vehicle usage.

Focus on Safety
Safety innovation will be a priority as features such as geofencing, driver behaviour, and vehicle alarm systems become more technically advanced and are further improved to reduce risks and prevent road accidents. More in-depth safety reports will assist in identifying various errors and loopholes in the existing technology.

Focus on Telematics Tracking
Fleet managers will seek to use telematics and GPS tracking to identify and analyse live diagnostics levels. This fleet management software will be further improved with new features such as voice capabilities, advanced data analytics reporting and integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence). One of the technologies, known as in-cab video, has seen a massive increase and is among the top technologies currently used in fleet management.

Remote Fleet Management
There has been a rise in remote management of fleets since 2020, while fleet managers find new and improved ways of being in control of their fleet from a remote environment. Effective fleet management software that improves communication and can better track live fleet data is a vital element of fleet management.

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