Saving Fuel– Why It Is Important For Your Fleet

Saving Fuel– Why It Is Important For Your Fleet

As fuel prices continue to increase, fleets are left leveraging every tool at their disposal to try and reduce their overall fuel spend.

The topic of fuel spend is often used as a representation of a fleet’s total operating costs; therefore, fleets need to find ways which help them save fuel while not taking away from their day-to-day activities.

Driver Behaviour
Your fuel costs are directly linked to driver behaviour, as poor driving habits can be the leading cause of speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. Providing drivers with the correct skills and knowledge by teaching them good driving skills and habits will help reduce overall fuel spending. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference in your fleet’s bottom line!

Preventative Maintenance
Ensuring that your vehicles are in good health is crucial if you are wanting to minimize downtime. If your vehicles are only being serviced when an issue arises or undergoes irregular servicing, then your vehicles are at risk of unplanned downtime and insufficient fuel usage, putting all operations at risk. By implementing a thorough, preventative maintenance plan you will ensure that you get the most out of the vehicles in your fleet as well as prevent subtle fuel losses.

Improve Route Planning to boost fuel efficiency
There will always be factors that you simply cannot control, however when it comes to planning routes and navigation, you are in complete control and can make subtle changes to boost your overall fuel efficiency, such as monitoring idling times, preventing aggressive driving habits, and implementing preventative maintenance plans. Intelligent navigation and thought-out routes are essential factors when it comes to managing fuel spend. Smart devices and technology will deliver immediate results to a fleets’ fuel economy.

Protection Against Fuel Fraud
In recent months, there has been a noticeable spike in fuel theft and fuel fraud. Protecting your fleet against these crimes is essential in ensuring that you keep your operational overhead costs in order. Fuel cards are a great solution, as they assist in combatting theft and misuse at fuelling stations. These cards allow drivers to better manage their fuel purchases as they receive suspicious activity alerts as well as strict verification processes to notify you if there is any unusual activity.

Whether you operate a big or small fleet, being in control and managing your fuel consumption is a multi-faceted process. We provide tailored fleet and asset-tracking solutions to help you stay in control and effectively manage your fleet. Our solutions are easy to use and will assist in tackling the rising fuel costs.

Browse our Fuel Management Solutions! We offer a range of comprehensive fuel monitoring solutions, customized to your fleet’s needs!

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