Importance of In-Cab Driver Facing Cameras for Fleet Safety

Importance of In-Cab Driver Facing Cameras for Fleet Safety

Fleets are heavily dependent on sensors and other telematics capabilities to track driver behaviour. There has been an increasing demand for bettering these tools with video-camera systems. Cameras that are focused on the road, on the sides of the vehicle as well as on the driver can provide additional context to alerts provided by other systems.

Detecting harsh braking is one thing but knowing why the driver did it is another. Additional cameras situated in an around the vehicle help to provide context as to why drivers take certain actions. Did a car switch lanes and force the driver to brake, or was the braking caused by the driver’s behaviour, such as looking at a cell phone or reaching for something in the vehicle.

By integrating a variety of safety solutions all into one comprehensive telematics package, fleet owners and managers will have greater control over their fleet, while gaining better visibility into their driver’s driving behaviour as well as being more aware of the external conditions on the road.

Having an in-cab driver facing camera in place will help to measure key safety metrics while at the same time presenting benefits such as improved driver behaviour, reduced insurance and minimized risk. Having an in-cab driver facing camera benefits all stakeholders in the business – the drivers, the fleet managers as well as the safety directors. The footage can be viewed via mobile apps for convenience, and it will provide safety managers with insights on whether they need to invest more time into their drivers by providing additional coaching and training, and which areas they should focus on for better overall performance.

The three main benefits of an in-cab monitor include protecting employees through better training, saving costs when it comes to road accidents and being able to provide evidence of innocence, and it improves the overall safety of a fleet.

Video-based safety systems are a necessity for fleet management. These driver-facing camera solutions also record and can identify driver fatigue, enabling businesses to act and provide preventative measures to assist in these situations.

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