August 12, 2022

Tips to Help Your Fuel Last Longer

Tips to Help Your Fuel Last Longer

If you own an electric vehicle, you are probably very happy with your purchase after hearing about the constant fuel increases we are experiencing in South Africa. With the price of fuel being the highest it has ever been, trying to make our tanks last as long as possible has become a daily struggle. Below are some tips which you can use to make your tank last the extra mile.

Trade-in Your Car For a Smaller, Lighter Car
The most obvious option would be to avoid using your car unnecessarily and instead walk or ride your bicycle. However, if this is not an option, buying a smaller car with a smaller fuel tank is a great start. Another option would be to try and combine all your errands and stops all in one journey to make the most of your route.

Use Eco-Driving Techniques
The way you drive your car is important. Using eco-driving techniques means being aware of your fuel consumption and consciously trying to reduce it while driving. Excessive acceleration takes up a lot of energy and fuel, so trying to drive as smoothly as possible and preventing unnecessary stops will help save your fuel. You should keep a decent distance from other vehicles and try to flow with the traffic instead of harsh stopping and starting. If you drive a manual vehicle, driving in the highest gear possible will reduce your engine load and fuel use, if you drive an automatic vehicle, most of them now have an “eco” setting, which essentially does the same thing.

Avoid Using Your Air Conditioner
Using the air conditioner in your car uses up a lot of extra fuel. Instead of the AC, try using the fan. Alternatively, try the old-school way by winding down the windows for some fresh air.

Pay Attention to Your Tires
A helpful tip is that ensuring that your tires are always correctly inflated will save you between 2% and 4% of fuel use.

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